Looking for a logo?

It is spring time and new seasons are approaching fast and you may feel the urge to renew your “looks”.

If you are looking for a logo whether it be a re-design of an existing one or a brand new one it is important to take the thinking process a little further at first.


The importance of your business’
Visual Concept


Your visual concept as a whole is important so if you already have a branding as such in place that your current customers are recognising, you should see if you can incorporate any aspects of this in to your new logo and branding unless you have the budget to splur out on a re-branding campaign.

If you are starting out brand new, set aside some time to reflect over your branding as a whole. Your logo should reflect you and your company on all aspects and be a cornerstone in your visual concept.

Have a look at the posts below to gain a little more insight in the process and please do not hesitate to contact me for further information and pricing at jkq@jkqdesign.com.